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Hip Little Bubba is featured in various magazines, websites and blogs on a regular basis. Here are a few examples:

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Flip Flop Sofas featured in the South China Morning Post Sunday 19th June 2011

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Hip Little Bubba features in the SCMP April 2011

South China Morning Post

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Yummy Mummy

Hip Little Bubba features in the SCMP 11th August 2010

Hong Kong's secretstylist has written a feature in her blog on Hip Little Bubba...

little ones

I don't normally focus on baby clothes/maternity and I would really like it if people would stop asking ask me when I will be having a child since I got married, if that’s OK, thanks. Mini rant over. I have had my beady little eye drawn to this rather cute site called Hip Little Bubba which just launched in our beloved HK. And, it has to be said that if the secretstylist was to have a child it...

a) would have to be a girl
b) would be incredibly stylish and would probably wear one of these items…

Oh and c) I would buy this for my friends' babies so that my little one rocked the style stakes and theirs looked pure comedy at the play dates... mwaaaaahhhh ha ha ha ha (evil laugh, proving that I am still clearly very immature and probably not quite ready for child rearing).